Why they look younger than you?

We all are getting aged day by day.  It’s an unavoidable natural process. Skin ageing starts in the mid-twenties. As you see, there are so many peoples look really young than they actually are.  One of the factors which cause ageing is UV Ray’s. UV Ray’s exposure is the direct cause of ageing. When your skin is exposed to UV Rays for a long, the production of collagen decreases from the dermis and these actually makes the skin thinner and causes changes in elastic fibres of our skin. Lack of elasticity may eventually lead to wrinkles. Free radicals and dry skin may also damage your skin cells very badly. Lifestyle plays an important role in ageing. Do you know that Smoking makes wrinkles in skin? Yes, repeated motion of blowing smoke can cause a lower level of oxygen around the mouth which can lead to the formation of wrinkles. Like this there is several factors causes the ageing.Let’s go through some anti agening solutions for youthful skin

 Anti ageing solutions to maintain a youthful outlook.

1. Change your life style

The most important thing is make use of sunscreen lotion when you are going out. It helps you to protect you from UV rays.try to avoid negative effects such as smoking, drinking, and lack of sleep. Over eating can also cause aging. So it’s good to get in the habit of actually eating a certain amount. If you feel like your tummy is getting full then stop eating and eat when you are hungry again.

2. BlueberryAnti ageing solutions

Blue berry not only tastes good but also it makes your skin glow by increasing the blood circulation. Blueberry contains a large amount of powerful antioxidant which is responsible for skin health and brain care. The fibre content present in the blueberry helps in producing vitamins and minerals from your body which keeps you away from aging. The phytochemicals and antioxidant presents in blueberry can help to control skin cancer and reduces the effect of free radicals, which prevents further damage in the skin.

3. Oat mealAnti ageing solutions

Oat meal works great for dry skin. This is anti inflammatory, reduces the skin irritation and also the best natural cleanser.

Oats are packed with lots of antioxidant and fight against the cell damage to the skin which is caused by free radical in the body. The weight gain in the middle age makes you look older. By adding oats to your daily routine will help prevent the overweight effectively. Fibre content which is rich in oats will keep your tummy full and makes you eat less for the next meal.

4. Red wineAnti ageing solutions

Red wine is rich in antioxidant. These antioxidants destroy the free radical toxin which causes harm to your skin. Red wine makes your skin glow naturally, helps to lower the risk of pre-cancerous skin lesions, reduce the chance of diabetes, brain diseases and also benefits the arterial functions of the body.

5. Dark chocolates for skinAnti ageing solutions

Eating dark chocolates helps to protect skin against the harmful effects of UV exposure. Cocoa bean which is present in the chocolate contains a higher level of antioxidant. This helps to reduce the inflammation in the skin which is caused by the UV rays.  Eating dark chocolate can increase circulation of blood in the skin and increase its ability to lock moisture. This can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and help you look younger and beautiful.

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