Quick Tips For Gain Weight !

There are many people with the problem of being under weight and there is also some people who wants to gain weight simply. If you are included in any of these two category, then surely this blog post will help you.

People who have BMI (Body Mass Index) below 18.5 are considered as under weight. Compared to men women and girls are facing the the problem of being underweight.

Here i am going to discuss about some food items that you can included in your diet for gain weight quickly. You have to be patient and practice this correctly. Don’t go with any medicines for gaining weight. We can gain weight by focus on eating food at right food at right time.

Eat food that has more calories

We have to take more than 250 calories daily to add roughly half a kilo to our current weight.


Include 1 glass of milk in your daily diet.

Having a glass of milk daily will help you to gain weight with in weeks.  100 grams of milk contains 61 calories.

Milk is enriched with proteins, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, minerals etc. Having a glass of milk will help you to build muscles and body.

Brown Rice

Rice is the good source for carbohydrates, and it contains 248 calories in a cup of rice. Including brown rice with your diet will help you to gain weight easily.


The Super Food That Makes You Healthy

Eating both the raw nuts and dry nuts has many health benefits. We can include it into meals and salads.

Nuts contains high calories, 100 gram nuts contains 718 calories.  By having nuts daily we can gain weight quickly and easily.

Eat foods that has starches

Starchy foods are enriched with Carbohydrate, Nutrients, Fiber, Calcium, Iron, and Vitamins. It plays an important role in every healthy diet.

Foods that contain starches will help us to gain weight and it will also helps to the growth of muscles.

Foods that contain starch includes:-

  1.  Rice
  2. Potato
  3. Corn
  4. Beans
  5. Oats
  6. Legumes
  7. Root Vegetables
  8. Sweet Potato

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are rich with calories . Having dry fruits daily will increase your health and wellness as well as your weight.


Eggs contains protein, fat, and nutrients. The yolk of egg is full of nutrients. By having an egg daily will increase your weight.

Dark chocolate

Why they look younger than you?

Fat, calories and antioxidants in dark chocolate will  help you to gain weight quickly.

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