Ways To Increase Your Height After Puberty

Worried about your height?

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How to increase height during puberty is one of the most common questions to which many of the teenagers want to get a solution. A taller person looks good and smarter than the ones who are short. Some people believe that after 20 years of age we cannot grow tall. But it’s not absolutely true. Obviously, Gender and genetics also play major influence on the growth. The diet that is nutritionally inadequate can easily get in the way of a teen from reaching his or her full height potential. Also, some children’s don’t grow adequately due to factors like sleeping disorders, medications, and sicknesses, abnormalities related pituitary glands etc.

Here are some simple ways to Increase height after puberty

HangingHeight After Puberty

While you are hanging, your entire body gets stretched. Hanging is simple, but it takes a lot of stress for your body. At the time of hanging your feet are above the ground level and not touching anything. So that your body pulls you down and lower part of your body get stretched and your spines get extended. To notice the changes it’s better to take the height measurement. Take your height when you are standing normally and while you are hanging on. The difference between both will show you the effects of hanging.

SwimmingHeight After Puberty

Swimming is the most successful exercise to increase your height. This is more forceful than any of the exercise because you are doing this in the water. Swimming helps to boost the energy level, expanding the spine and broadens shoulders and chest.  However, it is suggested to swim at least for 2 hours daily and 4 to 5 times a week. This helps you to get the more positive result a short period of time.

CyclingHeight After Puberty

How does cycling can make someone taller, is that possible? Yes exactly. Cycling can also increase your height. Pedaling a cycle every day will help you to grow taller. Simply riding a cycle will not help to increase your height. All you need is to ride in a proper position. For this, you need to adjust the seat of the cycle slight higher. Riding a cycling from a higher seat will let your body extend out your legs for the pedals. This will definitely help you to add certain inches to your vertical stature.

Cobra StretchHeight After Puberty

This is a yoga stretch which works on your spine. It is simple as well as easy to execute. Cobra stretch does not put too much pressure on your body. Follow these simple stretches and repeat it 4-5 times regularly

  1. Lay on the floor with your face facing down and palms under the shoulders.
  2. Now, breathe out and push your chest off the floor with the support of your arms and straighten out your chest as much as you can, you need to form an elevated angle.
  3. Be this position for 30-40 seconds and then come back to the starting position by lowering your chest to the floor.
  4. Practicing cobra stretch yoga regularly will help to stretch your spine and reduce your neck and shoulder pain effectively.

Pilates Roll Over

Pilates rollover helps you to extend your upper body and will stretch your spine. Rollover is a bit difficult to do, and somewhat complicated exercise. But it makes your body more flexible. Pilates rollover helps to maintain the body balance, stretching of the spine, abdominal control, and breathing etc.

  • Lie on your back and keep your arms on the sides.
  • Join both your feet and legs together and lift them up to point the ceiling.
  • Bend them slowly to the back over your head and try to touch the floor. At this time the spine lengthens as you stretch your body.

Good yoga position plays a major role in our look, so always follow the correct yoga position for the best result. Rolling body exercise is difficult in the beginning, but with regular practice, you can bring it to perfection.

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