Tips To Improve Memory & Concentration

We all know that human brain is the most mysterious organ in our body. Our memory is the part of our mind. If you have a sharp memory then you will have knowledge. And if you have the knowledge then there is no doubt about as to success in life. Most of us feel that our memory is week. To memorize your brain faster and better, then you have to do mental training. Sometimes, you may have noticed that you are not able to get things as quickly as it appears. IQ is an independent ability. IQ or intelligent quotient has nothing to do with the education. It is the ability to understand things in a better and quicker way. Even a non educated person can have a good level of IQ.

There are several ways to improve your IQ. Here we go..

1. ExerciseImprove Memory

This has been linked to better IQ. Few adopt a practice of engaging in exercise. By doing this regularly you can help your body and mind to refreshing and boost your level of IQ. There are many types of physical exercises you can do to increase your IQ. This can not only increase the blood flows to the brain, but also this lead to widening the arteries which provide bloods to it. Exercise help to flow more oxygen to the brain and it increases the brain function.

2. Meditation

Improve Memory

This gives a balance to the mind and body. It helps to improve the concentration. Meditation physically changes your brain. Meditating for just few weeks increases the brain size of 3 beneficial areas such as left hippocampus – which increases learn ability, posterior cingulate cortex – provides ability to control how your mind wander and Temporoparietal junction which gives you compassion and empathy.

3. Puzzles and brain gamesImprove Memory

Puzzles and brain games keep your mind to mentally active and healthy. Puzzle allows your mind to engage in a situation by giving you the concentration and patience. This helps your mind to reduce stress level. A brain game also inspires the education by research, critical thinking, cognitive ability, concentration and improves the IQ. Playing puzzles and games is a great way to subconsciously increase vital skill.

4. SleepingImprove Memory

Sleeping is the most important part of our life. We know that without a good night sleep. You cannot be able to remember your dreams on next day. So, give at least 6-8 hours of sleep. Sleeping is a critical function which helps your body to balance and regulate its vital system by affecting respiration and regulating everything from circulation to increase the immune response.

5. ReadingImprove Memory

Reading is a very difficult task that requires numerous regions of the brain to work all together. Reading can increase the connectivity between various brain circuits that are necessary for understanding the written word. Reading improves your focus and concentration level. Reading keeps out stress, increases the productivity and is the best relaxation technique. Reading makes you smarter and can slow down the process of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

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