Good Food For Smart Brain!!

We all have known that the food we eat plays a significant role in the body health and outlook. If we eat good and healthy food it will increase your body health and enhance your beauty. These foods not only affect your body but also your brain too. Do you know that the sugar which you use in your daily diet harms your brain? Of course, it actually does. Similarly, there are many foods which may harm your brain. Adding good and healthy food in your daily diet is one of the best ways to maintain brain health. Brain foods are usually rich with antioxidant, good fats, vitamins and minerals etc. This helps to protect your brain from diseases. There are some incredible brain foods which enhance your brain functions in an amazing way.

Let’s go through some brain foods which are used to boost memory.

1. AvocadoBest Foods To Sharpen Your Eyesight

Avocado is a fatty food with high monounsaturated fat. This helps you to get a healthy blood flow. The healthy blood flow results in healthy brain too. Vitamin K and Folate in avocados help in preventing blood clotting in the brain which prevents the stroke. Avocado keeps the blood sugar levels steady and will make your skin glow naturally. This also helps to boost the memory and concentration.

2. BlueberryBest Foods To Sharpen Your Eyesight

Blueberry is super fruit for your super brain. It has lots of health benefits. Blueberry is loaded with a bundle of antioxidant, which can reduce neurotic disorders by preventing the degeneration and death of brain cell. It also deals with reducing stress level, boosts your immune system, sharpens your memory, improves your vision and enhance your mood. Blueberries have one of the highest antioxidant capacities among all fruit.

3. WalnutsThe Super Food That Makes You Healthy

Walnuts are top ranked nut for brain health. Walnut have high concentration of DHA, it’s a kind of omega-3 fatty acid which can protect the brain health in newborn, increase the cognitive performance in grown person etc. Brains benefits of walnut also include relieve brain inflammation, protect neurons, good for memory and concentration, help the brain to process information faster and Protect against the depression etc.

4. Dark chocolatesGood Food For Smart Brain

Most of the peoples are chocolate lovers. But how many of you know that dark chocolates improve your brain functions? Consuming chocolate regularly has been found helpful for the brain function. The cocoa which is added in the chocolate has a rich source of neurons protecting compound and this contains antioxidant properties. Eating dark chocolate improve your blood flow to the brain, protect your brain from radical damage and sharpens your memory. It can also reduce stress and supports intestinal bacteria which help your brain.

5. TurmericGood Food For Smart Brain

Turmeric is a common ingredient which is available in kitchen. It is used for healing several kinds of diseases. An antioxidant component named curcumin found in the root of turmeric plant is one of the excellent natural brains protecting property. Turmeric can boost cognitive function which protects the brain cells by coordinating and dissolving abnormal protein. It also acts as an effective natural mood enhancer. Turmeric protects and nourishes your brain in several ways and also can improve the concentration and memory very well.

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