Ayurveda – An Ancient Healing Power

Ayurveda is said to be the most important part of Indian Vedic system of medicine which has been used for thousands of years, ranking side by side with the traditional Chinese medicine. Ayurveda is the oldest forms of healthcare in the South Asia which uses medicinal plants, herbal-mineral combination, massages, meditation and yoga for ones physical, mental and spiritual welfare and this medicinal system has no side effects. Moreover, Ayurveda is not just a treatment but it’s a way of life. Ayurveda is based on ancient Hindu scriptures called Vedas. Ayurveda is based on the idea that a human body is made up of 5 elements such as Fire, earth, air, water and ether. There are many medicinal herbs and spices used in the Ayurveda which can maintain and influence a person’s natural body type.Here are some

super herbs in Ayurveda to rejuvenate your body and mind

1. Holy Basil or Tulsi (Ocimum sanctumayurveda

Basil (Ocimum sanctum) is an ayurvedic plant which has traditionally been used to treat a variety of general ailments. They are best natural reliever for stress and anxiety. Chewing basil leaves when you have the tendency to smoke will help you to avoid the smoking urge. The soothing and cool effect Basil leaves reduces many bacterial infections and beneficial for asthma, protect from free radicals, reduces uric acid level, it has anti-ageing property and can boost the immunity, prevent skin diseases, cure stomach problems and an excellent mouth freshener etc.

2. Eucalyptusayurveda

Eucalyptus is the most popular short fibre magical leaf which highly effective for treating respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia and even works better for tuberculosis. This helps to dilate the blood vessels and allows more oxygen to lungs. Eucalyptus oil is commonly used to heal wounds, burns, ulcers, treats sore throats, helps with pain and inflammation, promotes dental health, treats stress and mental disorders and increases the brain function.

3. Indian Borageayurveda

Indian borage is one of the most effective medicinal plants providing an impressive health benefit which includes its ability to improve the health of your skin, treating certain kind of cancer, reduces stress, anxiety and the pain of arthritis etc. Indian borage also provides relief from osteoporosis, irritable bowel syndrome, boosts your immune system, promotes sweating help to reduce fever and also keep your kidneys safe by stimulating the urination.

4. Gooseberriesayurveda

Indian gooseberries are also known amla. It is rich in vitamin c content and an antioxidant which acts as body cooler, flushes out the toxin, good for eyes, hair and improves the muscle tone. Gooseberries balance stomach acids, fortifies the liver, enhances the brain and mental functioning. Gooseberries also prevent the heart, lung disease and protect urinary system.

5. Fenugreekayurveda

Fenugreek has some incredible health benefits that could change your health as well as life for the better.

Fenugreek has a lot of medicinal properties, adding fenugreek in your diet giving you many health benefits includes lowering the cholesterol, reduces the heart disease, controls the blood sugar level, helps in digestion, weight to lose, helps in skin problems, reduces scars and also resolve hair problems.

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