How To Keep Skin Moisturized

Moisturizers are one of the vital cosmetic items in our daily life due to changing atmospheric conditions.  Nowadays it is very difficult to protect our skin from different skin problems, such as skin dryness, skin tone change, skin allergy etc  To protect our skin from this we have to practice skin protections methods.

Applying moisturizers are one of the common practice to protect our skin from outside by creating a protecting layer over our skin. But using only external moisturizers will not give you a stable skin protection, for that our body should provide support to our skin from inside.  

Let’s see how we can protect our skin from these problems

Natural Moisturizing Techniques

1. Keep your body always hydrated

The main thing that we have to do for protecting our body is, keep it hydrated.

Through Drinking  2 to 3 liters water every day you can keep your body water content above the required level . as a result skin will get protected automatically . Also eat fruits that contain high water contents such as Watermelon, Cucumber, Sabarjilli, Orange, Tomato etc

2. Have foods contains vitamins that help our skin to be protected. 

There are few vitamins those plays an important role in our skin protection.

Vitamin A

It provides elasticity to our skin.

From  Liver, Beans, Lean Meat, Orange, and All Red color fruits and vegetables, you will get required vitamin A for your body.

Vitamin B2

It is Good for drying skin and cracked skin.

The foods that contain vitamin B2 are, Fish, Egg, peanuts, Unroasted nuts etc.

3. Take Foods containing zinc 

Zinc in our body will prevent our skin from getting dry

4. Take a bath

Taking a bath with olive oil and rose petals will help you to keep your body silky and soft.

5. Massage your skin

Skin massage will boost blood circulation over that particular area and it will help you to keep healthy skin cells.

Massage your skin in morning and night.

In Morning massage, massage your skin lightly from bottom to top in a straight line motion.

In the night, Massage your skin in a circular motion with slightly more pressure.

6. Face Mask

Applying face mask will keep our skin hydrated and it will give you natural glowing fresh face.

  •  Oats (2 spoon) + Honey (1 spoon)+ Avocado, Mask
  •  Honey mask
  • Avocado mask
  • Smashed avocado + coconut oil / Olive oil – This mask not only good for face, it also good for hair and body.

7. Apply body lotion/moisturizer right after a bath

Applying moisturizer or body lotion is a common method for keep our skin moisturized.

Aloe Vera gel and Vitamin E capsule are the best moisturizers . You can mix these two and apply on our face and body. The result will be amazing.


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