How to Control Sneezing?

Worried about continuous sneezing? Oh cool buddy… Sneezing is a natural body mechanism. Here there are some methods to avoid sneezing.

sneeze can happen when we’re allergic, sick, staring at a bright light or, compulsively, when we’re anxious.  The reason why we sneeze is simply put; a sneeze is the best way for the body to clear its passages so we can keep breathing clean air.

There are two types of sneezing, that is allergic or infectious.

We can start with some simple home remedies to control sneezing,

Home Remedies to Control Sneezing


            Thulasi is an Indian plant enriched with lots and lots of medicinal factors. The anti bacterial properties in thulasi leaves can fight with a range of dangerous infections.

Have just 2 or 3 leaves in a day and see the difference. Surely it will help to control sneezing.

Having boiled thulasi water is also will help you.


Ginger has anti-septic properties and acts as a decongestant that helps cure the cold.

Take a piece of dried ginger, some black pepper and some sugar candy and then powdered these together. Have one or two spoon of this powder daily. You can watch the difference.


            Amla will help you to increase the immunity. Take a glass of amla juice or have it as fresh. It will make you younger too. Amla is enriched with vitamin C. Thriphala’s one of main component is amla. Which is used to cure many diseases.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are the best way to increase the immunity strength. It contains, carbohydrate, fibre, vitaminC, potassium, foliate, calcium, thiamin, niacin, vitaminB6, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and a variety of phytochemicals.

There are lots of citrus fruits,

Lemon, Tangerine, Grape fruit, Clementine, Bitter orange, Citron, Tangelo, Blood orange, Ugli fruit, Kaffir lime,  Sweet lemon, etc .

Tricks and Tips to Stop Sneezing

          Whatever irritates your nose will cause a sneeze. If it is continuous it may affect you badly. Before taking medicine you have to find the factors and reasons of your sneezing.

Sneezing may trigger by dust, pollen, pet dander, mold, bright light, perfume, spicy foods, black pepper, common cold etc.

The best way of controlling sneezing is find and remove the factors that triggered sneezing.

If the sneezing is because of allergy, then you have to take treatment for that. Some people has a problem that while looking at bright light will cause they sneeze, it can prevent by simply using a polarized sunglass. Do you have a problem that sneezing after eating large meals? Then there is only one solution that is you should control eating.

When you feel like you are about to sneeze then just try to blowing your nose. You can deactivate the sneezing immediately. One another simple trick is pinch nose it’s about to sneezing.

Don’t worry about continuous sneezing and don’t go for immediate medicine. Just try to change your lifestyle and use some simple tips to control sneezing.

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