How To Control Anger? It’s Not That much Difficult

There will be an angry bird in every group. The definition of anger is that”A strong feeling of displeasure and usually of antagonism”.  Anger is the best way to express negative feelings.  Anger is a motivator factor too that is when we are in angry we find out solutions for our problems immediately.

Due to excessive anger there will be many problems. It will affect your health and relationships.  Anger is a healthy emotion but if you are not control it then it will start to controls you. This is the most dangerous condition. No matter who is right or wrong if you lose your temper then you will be the bad guy to everyone else.

If you want to control your anger here are some productive things that you should do.

  1. Command your mind to stop.

    Control Anger

Before your anger blast stop it immediately then take few minutes to put the issue into perspective.

  1. Recognize your week points that may increase your anger.

Then calm down yourself before your anger erupts. Once you are calm down then you express your anger. While expressing your dislikes or anger state your concerns and needs directly without hurting anyone.

  1. Go for a ride or walk

    Control Anger

If you can’t control your anger then the best solution is go away from there.  A few minutes’ walk will cool your mind and relax your high temper thoughts. Fresh air, the scenes nice to your eyes and good atmosphere everything will make you feel cool and relaxed. Then come back to the problem and solve it..

  1. Pinch yourself

If you feel that your control is losing then pinches yourself. Sometime the person who makes you angry does the wrong thing. But don’t fuel the fires and think yourself it’s not permanent.

  1. Think a few second before you speak

It is very easy to spit out many words when you are in angry but you will later regret.  So take a few seconds to think what you are about to talk.

  1. Exercise

    Control Anger

Take some time to exercise everyday as a way to work off stress in an acceptable manner. It will surely help to control your anger.


  1. Diminish the problem with laughter

This is not an easy method for everyone only extra ordinary people can do this. If you want to be such a kind of person then just try. Within your family or friends circle if there is any situation that you get angry then the best method to solve the problem is handle with laughter.

  1. Talk about your angerControl Anger

Discussing about your anger is the best method of get relaxed. Talking to our loved ones about our problem is always good. We can open up anything to them that will make our mind free and relaxed.


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