How Smart Phone Can Wreck Your Health!!

Most of us are addicted to smart phone.   In today’s world, smartphone is one of the most significant devices which is used in day to day life. This is very useful as well as harmful for all. By using smartphones, researchers found that it can cause lots of health problems. While using the mobile phone, most of us are not conscious about the surroundings and this may lead to serious issues. Depending more on digital devices isn’t a healthy habit, it also reduces the social interaction. I remembered the words which was said by Albert Einstein, when I thought about it more..

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”

Terrifying side effects of smartphone

1. Depressionsmart phone

While it might look like that losing yourself online for a short time make emotions like loneliness, gloominess, and tiredness. It can really make you feel worse even. A recent report found that there is a  connection between’s high online networking use, nervousness and depression.

2. Eye-related problemssmart phone

It strains your eyes. At whatever point you spend in excess of a gazing at your mobile (or substituting between your mobile and PC screens), you risk dryness of eyes, headache, unclear vision, and general eye exhaustion – especially when you have any untreated vision issues in any case. So, when you are using a smartphone for a long time, then give some break for your eye.

3. Anxiety Disordersmart phone

Researchers found that the negligible existence of mobile phone in a work put tends to make individuals more anxious and perform ineffectively on giving activities. The more, an individual uses a mobile phone, the more prominent the nervousness they experienced.

4. Sleeping disturbancesmart phone

Too much use of smartphone can disturb your sleep, which can seriously affect your overall mental health. It can affect your memory, influence your capacity to think and diminish your subjective and learning skill.

5. Nomophobiasmart phone

Nomophobia is a condition which is being panicked unreasonably without your mobile phone or not being capable to use your phone due to some reason. The word Nomophobia is made by the combination of no + mobile + phone + phobia. Studies found that mobile users feel anxious when they cannot use their mobile phones and over half of the addicts never switched off their phone too.

6. Cause neck and upper back painsmart phone

When you continuously look down to the mobile phone, your neck bends for a long time.  When you sit like this for a long time, this results in neck and upper back pain. This begins with discomfort, pain in the back of the neck and shoulders.

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