Incredible Health benefits of Chicken…

Chicken recipes are one of the most popular and common foods which are used in India. It is tasty as well as healthy.  These are most tasty and delicious food among persons of all ages. In this article, I will tell you the amazing health benefits of chicken. Chicken has a high source of protein, necessary vitamins, and minerals, which helps in weight loss, regulating cholesterol, blood pressure, and reducing the risk of cancer. In addition, eating broiler chicken may cause several health problems too. You can also make Numerous dishes by using chicken. Try to avoid using the chicken, which is injected with antibiotics.  The broiler chicken bear antibiotic-resistant bacteria which is resulted in food poisoning. As a result, they cannot be killed by standard antibiotic prescription. These birds were injected with growth hormones for faster growth, which cause several health problems in your health.

Furthermore, here are some health benefits of chicken.

  1. Reduce body weightHealth benefits of chicken

Chicken is an excellent source of protein. For the obese people, chicken helps to maintain the body weight. Sufficient protein measure makes abdomen feels full which resulted in less eating.  Eating chicken breast, with no breading or skin, allows you to eat fewer calories. This helps to burn extra calories which have resulted in weight loss.

  1. Helps in bodybuilding Health benefits of chicken

Generally, to build 1 pound of muscle in a week, you ought 10 to 14 grams of protein in your daily diet. If you are dreaming of a muscular and toned body, then chicken is the best answer. The rich source of protein content present in chicken can provide the necessary energy to function appropriately.

  1. Helps your boneHealth benefits of chicken

For the bone health, bone requires an equal amount of calcium and phosphorous.  Chicken is a rich source of calcium and phosphorous, which improve bone density and makes your teeth stronger. The micronutrients present in chicken works good for bone and protect it. Yet, do try to consume sufficient macro and micronutrients in your diet.

  1. Prevent cancer

The niacin content, which is a kind of vitamin B3 helps to protect your body from cancer and from other genetic complication. Niacin is an essential vitamin which is used to cure several diseases such as  Alzheimer´s to cancer.

  1. Protect your heartHealth benefits of Chicken

Vitamin b6 is essential for heart health. This reduces the risk of heart attack. Chicken contains a good amount of vitamin B6, which lowers the level of Homocysteine which reduces the heart attack. because, The niacin content found in chicken lower the level of cholesterol, which is a major cause of heart disease. Chicken also contains less source of saturated fats and omega fatty acids. As a result, this makes your heart healthy. these are some of the health benefits of chicken.

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