Getting Off To a Good Start !

You might have heard that it takes about only 3 to 5 secs for someone to form an impression about somebody. Well, at times you meet new people and do you think to yourself that oh my god!!  This person was a little weird?  In this short time period of time, another person can make a viewpoint about your body language, overall attitude, manners and your dressing style etc. So, whether they are in your profession or social life, it’s important to know how to create a good first impression.

Here are some ways to ensure you instantly make a good impression:

1. Set an intention

The most important thing to do for giving a good impression is to set your intention. This is especially important before any kind of big event where you would be meeting a lot of people — i.e. conferences, networking events or friend’s parties. As you get ready or when you are driving think about what kind of people you want to meet and what kind of interactions you want to have. This can be an incredibly grounding experience and works very well to focus on what kind of energy you want to have for your event.

2. Smiling good impression

Who doesn’t want their personal brand to be associated with positivity? Facial expressions are very important when it comes to making a good first impression.

Not only does smile make others feel more comfortable around you, but it also decreases stress hormones that can negatively impact your health. Smiling is highly correlated with longevity. When you smile, you feel better about yourself and anyone who sees you smiling will feel better about themselves too. Then you will get a smile in return. So, you can make a positive first impression to others.

3. Be Open and Confident

When it comes to making the first impression, body language as well as appearance speaks much louder than words. Use your body language to project your self-confidence. So, stand straight, smile, make the eye contact and give a handshake.  This helps you to heighten up your confidence level and the other one with you will feel better.

4. Improve Your Communication Skills good impression

The way you speak reflects who you are. Be polite and gentle with your words. Use decent words while interacting with everyone.  Always think before you speak. English being globally accepted is preferred everywhere. So work on your English proficiency by reading the English magazines, news papers watching English programs etc. Always use simple words general interactions and try to make your English vocabulary good.

5. Dress Up Well

Dressing sense is absolutely based on how you should dress up for office, party or any other occasion.  A person should therefore wear according to the situation and according to how well the attire suits him/her. Good out looks will definitely add your personality, but your dressing style also matters the most.  Dressing sense plays a major role in personality and confidence development.

6. Develop Leadership Qualities good impression

A good leader is believed to have a good personality. A leadership skill doesn’t mean that how you give order to your subordinates. It is about how to manage your subordinates to do a particular task in a given time. Work harder and be an example for your subordinates and support them as much as you can. This will really give you a good impression among subordinates.

7. Use Your Manners

All too often, common manners and politeness go by the wayside. If you want to get impressed by people, then you should be make sure that you are using some polite words such as please, thank you, you are welcome, nice to meet you, I’m really sorry, excuse me etc.

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