Communication Skills and Personality Development

We all have learnt about what is communication. Communication is the constant exchange of information by speaking, writing or by using some other medium. The main 3 category of communication is verbal, nonverbal and visual. Way of communication is considered by the approach to people appear in communication. The communication between different people can be based on two factors. They are openness and directness. Personality is based on how people behave when they are placed in certain situations. Every person has his own way of communicating with his own style. This was quiet natural and automatic. The style of talking can also help to determine the attitude of a person. Try to understand the different method of exchanging the information is significant especially in business and professional area.Here are some..

 Tips to practice daily for improving your communication skill.

1. Listening carefully

Listening is one of the important things if you are trying to improve your communication skill. Listen more and more. Listen English magazines, news papers, news or English movies. Listening will help you to structure yourself and the content you wish to deliver. When you attend English seminars or English movies listening will help you to develop your content and improve the awareness about various things.

2. Speak without hesitation

Speak whenever you get the opportunity. Even if it is some broken sentences or words, take that opportunity to speak. This will help you to gain the confidence. Gradually you can notice yourself that you are self correcting the mistakes which are the first sign of you are improving the skill. This will help you to increase the confidence level.

3. Read more

Read as much as you can. Reading will help you to build up the vocabulary and content. Read whatever you like. It may be related to technology, styles, fashion, sports, short stories or novels. Choose the interested one, and then go ahead take your book and read it. Reading will help you a lot to improve the vocabulary and is also going to develop your content for any another presentation you may probably give in the future.

4. Observe and interpret body language

Body language plays a most important role as much as words do. When we are talking to someone, it is not only the verbal words that we actually deliver. It is also about how we deliver it. That tone that we use or the body language and the gestures we have while we are speaking to another person. Try to find out good speakers, observe them, and try to imitate their way of taking will help you to improve your communication skills.

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