Basic Hair Care Tips For Healthy Hair

Hair is the crowning glory of a person. It’s the reflection of your beauty and the personality. There are lots of factors damaging the hair. Always protect your hair from over heat, cold and pollution.  If not, too much of dirt build up on the scalp lead to many kind of infection and drying out the hair and scalp. Drying your hair too much will also lead to many problems such as dry dandruff, split ends and more. Do you ever think of the reason why your hair gets damaged? Hair follicles also have life. It has a growing phase, resting phase and a flak phase. When these gets disturbed due to various factors such as life styles, sleeping disturbance, hormonal imbalances, travel and diet may sometime cause hair damage. Proper care to your hair is the only remedy to fight with such problems.Let’s go through some..

Simple and basic hair care tips.

1. Avoid hair heating tools

Using the hair heating tools such as hair curlers, dryer and flat irons on the daily basis can harm your hair and make it dry. If it is possible try avoid such tools which can damage your hair. Let your hair dry naturally and Try to minimise the use of hair dryer as the heat tends to damage the hair. Over heating causes dry hair with split ends by losing the moisture in the hair.

2. Combingbasic hair care tips

Combing is as similar as massaging which helps you to keep your scalp and hair healthy. When you don’t comb your hair properly, lots of your hair gets lost. So, while you are combing, separate your hair into small sections. Use a wide-tooth combs to untangle your hair. Comb from the ends in a downward direction. Try to use wooden or tortoise shell comb. Do not pull hair. Comb your hair only when it is dry and not in wet.

3. Treat your hair and scalpbasic hair care tips

Gentle scalp massages and hot oil treatments can work in your hair very effectively. These can stimulate the scalp and can improve the blood flow which brings more oxygen and nutrients to your hair. This helps your hair roots to nourish and promote hair growth.  Warm oil helps to soften and condition the hair and will make it more manageable. These massages also protect your hair from damaging effects of sun and other weather condition.

4. Trim your hair

Trimming your hair will help you to you to get rid of split ends. Getting rid of split ends will reduce your hair breakage. If you have split ends then don’t take care of it. Split ends travel up the hair and stunts the hair growth. Split ends badly restrain the hair growth. So getting split ends trim becomes very necessary. Split ends will definitely spoil the beauty of hair. So get rid of split end is the most effective way for hair growth.

5. Washing Routine

basic hair care tips

At the time of washing, water you use to wash your hair should not be too cold or too hot. Use your finger tips instead of nails and gently scrub your scalp. Wash your hair carefully by rinsing off all the shampoo and conditioner from your hair. Whenever you are out of the shower let your hair dry a little bit and then cool. Hair looks vulnerable when it is wet. It is always better to air-dry your hair than drying it using heat.


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